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Bill Now Heads to the Governor’s Desk for Signature

Madison, WI — Today, the Wisconsin State Senate passed a bill authored by David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) to reinstate the base budget review process. This requires state agencies to submit a report of every dollar and program they administer for review by the legislature. This law was originally enacted in 2002 and repealed in 2009. Senator Craig released the follow statement on the bill:

“With final passage in the Senate, the bill now goes to the Governor for signature. This law will restore an important tool to make government do what families and businesses do every day – examine every dollar, see what is working, and evaluate priorities,” said Senator Craig. “Wisconsin families and businesses have to put all their bills and receipts on the table when making their budgets and so should government.”

The bill will require half of state agencies to submit a detailed report of all programs and spending with their biennial budget requests. Over a four-year period, each government agency will have submitted this report describing all programs, activities, and costs.

“Once a government program is created, it will never dissolve on its own. Government will continue to grow unchecked unless we regularly examine the waste, inefficiencies, and antiquated programs that continue to hide in the base budgets of all state agencies free from scrutiny. This bill will shine a light on every tax dollar,” said Craig.

“Thorough examination of government spending is a fundamental duty of the legislature. Without it, we fail the taxpayer,” added Craig.

Senator Craig represents the 28th Senate District which includes parts of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Walworth counties.

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