State Sen. David Craig
(608) 266-5400

Bill Gives Important Tool to Examine Every Dollar of State Spending

Madison, WI — Today, Zero-based Budgeting Reform authored by David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) was signed into law. The law requires state agencies to submit a report of every dollar and program they administer for review by the legislature.

“This law will empower the legislature to conduct its fundamental duty – to thoroughly examine all government spending and evaluate what is working,” said Senator Craig. “Too often, hidden spending in base budgets flies under the radar. With this new law, we will be able to shine a light on ‘Madison Math’ and no longer let automatic government spending continue without question.”

Zero-based budgeting is a commonsense reform that delivers more accountability and transparency for taxpayers,” said Senator Craig.

Senator Craig represents the 28th Senate District which includes parts of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Walworth counties.

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