Contact: Senator Jon Erpenbach, 608-515-7350

Madison – The Joint Committee on Finance today met to reallocate funds for Transportation projects because of a shortfall of Federal funds and a failure of the Legislature to pass a long term transportation funding solution. Democrats on the committee objected saying existing roads and infrastructure are already failing. The state transportation fund is currently in deficit and new money will be needed just to keep our roads in current condition.

“Our existing infrastructure cannot be maintained, projects have been pushed to the future and we are bonded at a level financing our children’s future yet we are building more roads for Foxconn. I understand that Governor Walker is constantly in re-election mode, but the people of this state deserve the long term transportation financing plan he promised in 2010. We budgeted for these Federal funds with the Republican promise they would come through, they did not. Our communities are already struggling to fix potholes with less money while you are taking their rehab money for Foxconn. Up to $90 million from the road rehabilitation fund is already being taken by Foxconn, this plan just takes more,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton).

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