Contact: Sen. Jon Erpenbach

Madison – Senator Jon Erpenbach today praised a decision of the Department of Transportation (DOT) to grant an exception to their Rails to Trails policy to allow Sauk City emergency vehicles to cross the bike path on return from an emergency call.

“The DOT wanted to preserve the railway in case it was ever changed back to an active line, which we understood, but we hoped for an exception for emergency service vehicles. Senator Erpenbach was an advocate for the exception and we are so pleased we will be able to better serve the community with access to use this entrance,” said Sauk City Fire Chief Doug Breunig.

The rail line was converted to the Great Sauk Trail last summer as a part of the Rails to Trails program administered by the Department of Transportation. It is the policy of the department to maintain the right of way for the rail line even though it is no longer used for trains. Granting an exception for the Village of Sauk City Emergency service vehicles will make access in and out of their safety building easier.

“I am so thankful we were able to work with the Sauk City Fire Department and the DOT to get an exception for emergency vehicle access for the Sauk department. There are many challenges for smaller emergency service operations because of funding and staffing. Being able to help solve this problem is rewarding and I hope it makes their important job a little easier. I am very thankful to the DOT,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach.

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