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I’m Wisconsin State Senator Dan Feyen from Fond du Lac and have the pleasure of representing the southern Fox Valley in the State Senate.

Have you ever seen an open job that you thought would be your dream job but didn’t apply because you didn’t think you had the necessary skills? Every Wisconsinite deserves the chance to follow their dreams and get a job they look forward to going to every day.

Thanks to the Governor and my Republican colleagues, Wisconsinites everywhere are gaining access to the training they need to get a job they will love.

Since the Governor took office, over 21,000 people have participated in the Fast Forward Worker Training program. Republicans have invested over 200 million dollars over the past four years to support workforce development programs and ensure that every Wisconsinite has the opportunity to improve their standard of living.

In Dodgeville a local company used a Fast Forward grant to quickly train 460 workers to provide better healthcare to patients in rural areas.

In the Fox Valley, Fast Forward grants brought together industry partners to develop training programs that target skills gaps in the region.

Employers now have a workforce training solutions that meets their needs and technical college students are receiving training that will lead to a good paying job.

For more information visit and get started down the path to your dream job today with Wisconsin Fast Forward.

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