Contact: Sen. Hansen

“The Governor’s latest series of flip flops on health care, education and the lack of jobs in our rural communities just shows how desperate he is about his chances in the upcoming election.

Not that long ago he took President Trump’s side in supporting the ability of insurance companies to deny people with preexisting conditions.

In his first term he inflicted the biggest cut to our public schools in our state’s history—costing many of our schools some of their best teachers and forcing local school districts to beg taxpayers for enough money to keep the lights on.

And offering $50 million to rural communities in north and western Wisconsin is a pittance compared to the $4 billion he is giving to a Taiwanese billionaire to help create jobs for people living in northern Illinois.

“Governor Walker has also failed to keep his promise to create 250,000 jobs. He has failed to take responsibility for driving our transportation system into the ditch, and he has signed into law some of the most egregious corporate attacks on our environmental protections that will lead to more of our wetlands being lost and more of our lakes, streams and drinking water being polluted.

“And, despite his claims to the contrary, Governor Walker has still done absolutely nothing to lower student loan payments for the over 800,000 people in this state who are struggling under the weight of high cost student loans.

“Governor Walker can spin his record anyway he wants, but as we have seen around the country and in western Wisconsin, the people want change. And next fall they will have the ultimate say on whether his speech today was a success.”

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