For Immediate Release                                                    Contact:  Sen. Hansen
January 18, 2018                                                                        608-266-5670
Statement from Senator Hansen:
Governor’s Call for Special Session
“Adam Jarchow lost in Tuesday’s senate election in part because he and his Republican friends chose to attack struggling families.
“Despite voters’ rejection of these types of attacks, Governor Walker sees them as his opportunity to excite his supporters and shift their attention away from the fact that he, President Trump and Republicans in Madison and Congress have failed to help improve their lives.
“Instead of giving a Taiwanese billionaire over $4 billion that will do little to help the vast majority of people in this state, a more informed governor might have decided instead to invest that money into our own families, businesses, schools and roads all across the state.
“Now, seeing that his reelection ploy is not working, he is trying to divert the people’s attention by calling a special session to wage new attacks on working families and the poor.
“Governor Walker’s call for a special session is another sign that he and legislative Republicans are running scared.  It is a transparently political move that is just another reason so many people are voting for real change in Wisconsin and around the country.”
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