Contact: Sen. Hansen
June 18, 2018 608-266-5670

Statement from Senator Hansen:

U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Redistricting

“The court’s decision shows just how much work needs to be done to restore fairness to our elections.

“It is time for legislators from both parties to come together and pass a real non-partisan redistricting law that will take the responsibility for drawing legislative district boundaries out of the hands of the politicians in Madison and replace it with one that gives the voters a voice in the process and at the ballot box.

“We already know that non-partisan redistricting can work because we’ve seen it in action in states as close as Iowa, which our plan is modeled after.

“Non-partisan redistricting not only takes the politics out of the map-drawing process, it does far more than our current system to ensure open, fair and competitive elections.

“I intend to re-introduce our Fair Maps redistricting plan as soon as I am able to when the Legislature convenes in January.”

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