September 13, 2018 608.266.7505

Rep. Bowen


Milwaukee, WI – Today, Senator Chris Larson and Representative David Bowen in coordination with other elected leaders across America sent letters to major gun manufacturers that provide firearms to government agencies requesting information about plans to prevent gun violence through “smart gun” technology and gun safety measures.

“States and municipalities spend vast resources annually on guns and ammunition for all levels of law enforcement and as major customers of these companies we deserve answers to the basic question of efforts to increase gun safety. As our nation reels from an ongoing epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings, we believe the manufacturers of firearms should be providing us with information on what technologies they are developing to make sure guns aren’t used by the wrong people, what plans they have to deal with “bootlegged” 3D firearms, and what accountability they require of their distributors and dealers.” Said Larson.

“If every state takes a strong stand in demanding safer, smarter guns from these manufacturers we can spark an industry wide examination of this issue. We know that technology exists that prevents a gun from being fired when it’s out of the possession of the gun’s owner. We also know that firearm producers can prioritize the research, development, and marketing of these products in order to help stem the illegal and deadly use of their weapons,” added Bowen.

“It is beyond time for real change to happen regarding guns in America and that change not only needs to come through federal and state action, but also from manufacturers making a safer product. The fact is, that if gun manufacturers can produce firearms that can only be fired by the registered owner, and prevent illegal use, then that is precisely what they should do,” Larson concluded.

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