July 24, 2018 608.266.7505

Milwaukee, WI – Today, Senator Chris Larson released the following statement on Republican inaction on the epidemic of gun violence:

“Today, Attorney General Schimel again held a press conference to announce School Safety Grant recipients and again these one-time funds, and the legislation that made them possible, do nothing to address the root cause of these gun violence — guns. It has become all too apparent that the lax laws and ease of access to firearms is a major problem that has been ignored by the majority party for far too long.

“This is a problem Wisconsin can solve.

“Throughout the last legislative session, my Democratic colleagues and I stood ready to address the issue of gun violence. We listened to students, their parents, and others devastated by gun violence. We offered legislation that would’ve closed the “gun show loophole,” which allows for private gun sales to violent criminals without background checks. This public safety measure enjoys near universal support, would keep guns out of the hands of folks who ought not to have them, and would help stem the tide of illegal guns into our communities. Republicans callously blocked this measure at every turn.

“We also sought to reinstate the 48 hour waiting period for gun purchases. This cooling off period would reduce both homicides and suicides. By eliminating this waiting period two years ago we, as a state, caved to the gun manufacturers lobby at the expense of our citizens.

“By completely ignoring the issue of guns in their “school safety” package Governor Walker, Republican Lawmakers, and Attorney General Brad Schimel telegraphed their complete willingness to cater to special interest gun lobbyists like the Russian funded NRA. Trying to solve gun violence while pushing the gun industries priorities is like trying to put out a fire with a flamethrower. I call on legislators and elected officials to show some backbone, by standing with their neighbors instead of gun manufacturers and finally acting to address gun violence.

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