September 20, 2018 608.266.7505

Milwaukee, WI – Today, Senator Larson released the following statement regarding the State of Education in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin was once, and will again be, a national leader on public education. We are a state that knows the importance of a robust and well-funded public education system and we are a state that values our educators. We can restore our position as an education innovation leader and restore our reputation of forward thinking when it comes to educating our children.

I support Tony Evers’ plan to address these inadequacies and to again ensure Wisconsin is a leader in public education. We must address the systemic issues affecting student performance by rededicating adequate funding for special education, mental health, wrap-around services, and funding a statewide 4K program.

Legislative Democrats know that the future of our state depends on high quality public education and we have fought tooth and nail to reverse the damage done by Governor Walker and GOP leaders in the legislature.

Over the Lost Walker Decade, Wisconsin has seen $1 billion cut from our neighborhood public schools, of which $183 million still remains unrestored. This trend of deliberate noninvestment has led our state to fall behind the national average of per pupil spending and has resulted in a teacher shortage crisis in Wisconsin. In fact, system wide the University of Wisconsin Schools have seen an 18% decrease in enrolment in education programs.

Legislative democrats plan to fix the teacher shortage by restoring the dignity that should come naturally to those who dedicate their lives to instructing our children and ensuring we continue to have a well-educated and successful community. We additionally commit ourselves to listening to taxpayers in addressing the funding flaws that plague districts across the state. Above all else we believe that each and every one of our kids deserve a school, and a state, that values them.”

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