Sen. Steve Nass (608) 266-2635

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement in response to the press release from 11 former members of the defunct Government Accountability Board defending the rogue conduct of that agency during the John Doe II and “III”:

“Unfortunately, this statement from the former board members of the Government Accountability Board is a painful reminder of the flawed management structure at that rogue agency.

The statement reminds us that while these former judges were trying to interpret the law, a role they no longer held, they failed to properly supervise GAB employees leading to a highly partisan environment that allowed some employees to target citizens simply because they were involved as conservatives and Republicans in the political process.

These former judges could not even bring themselves to acknowledge in their statement the harm done to law abiding citizens as a direct result of the employees under their control at the scandalous GAB.”

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