December 13, 2018
Governor Scott Walker
Room 115 East
Wisconsin State Capitol

Dear Governor Walker,
We write today to urge you to veto the recently passed Extraordinary Session bills (SB 883, SB 884, and SB 886). These bills would limit the powers of the executive branch and override the will of the people. After introducing hundreds of pages of bills late on a Friday afternoon, a public hearing was held the following business day. 1,424 Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from all corners of our state spoke with one unified voice in opposing the process by which these bills were being pushed and the substance of the bills themselves. Only two people registered in favor of the legislation. They came from all over the state and from all different walks of life.

Wisconsin voters said loud and clear on November 6th that it is time for a change in our state. While we understand it is difficult to lose an election, our democracy only works if we respect the will of the voters by transferring power without political games after an election. In November 2010, you wrote to the Doyle Administration asking the Governor to cease action on a number of matters. You argued that your incoming administration and the next legislature should be given flexibility for the job they were elected to do. We ask that you give the Evers Administration this same level of respect.

You have the ability to do the right and honorable thing as your time in office comes to an end. Today we are asking you, on behalf of our constituents and people all across Wisconsin, to veto these bills in their entirety.

Jennifer Shilling
Senate Democratic Leader
32nd Senate District

Gordon Hintz
Assembly Democratic Leader
54th Assembly District

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