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Stroebel: I’m honored to be appointed to a full term on JFC.

Madison, WI – Sen. Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the following statement after being appointed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to his first full term on the Joint Finance Committee:

“I want to thank Senator Fitzgerald for appointing me to my first full session on the Joint Finance Committee.

“I look forward to using the full breadth of my experience as a small business owner, real estate developer, bank board member, school board member, charity board member, husband and father to bring perspective to the state budget. I will dig deeply into the budget looking for bold reforms that reduce government’s size and spend our scarce taxpayer resources more effectively.

“Working on the state budget is a great responsibility, and I pledge to my constituents that my office will work hard to prudently allocate their tax dollars just as they worked hard to earn them. I will never forget that every dollar in Madison first belonged to hardworking men and women, and I will use my position on the Joint Finance Committee to continue to stand for the conservative principles my constituents sent me to Madison to defend.”

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