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Madison, WI – State Sen. Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) today praised the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a funding reallocation designed to lower the cost of certain local road projects. The Joint Finance Committee approved a modified plan, which is part of a broader effort to make use of additional federal transportation dollars that have been sent to the state.

Stroebel explained:

“Federal transportation dollars come with strings attached, including federal prevailing wage requirements. This regulatory burden drives up project costs, so it makes sense to consolidate federal funds on large projects while ensuring that local projects are completed with state funds as often as possible.”

“I’m glad I could join my colleagues on the Joint Finance Committee in supporting the DOT’s swap of state funds for federal funds. Numerous other states follow this best practice to save money and increase the buying power of their state transportation dollars. Governor Scott Walker and Secretary Dave Ross deserve credit for leading Wisconsin forward with this kind of innovative funding approach.

“Taxpayers and drivers don’t care about bureaucratic red tape, they care about results, and today’s funding swap shows the benefit of using common-sense reforms to address transportation issues.”

The JFC-approved plan moves $38.6 million in state funds into the Local Bridge Assistance Program, and moves newly federal funds into the State Highway Rehabilitation Program.

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