Contact: Sen. Vukmir
For Immediate Release (608) 266-2512

MADISON, Wis. –State Senator Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, testified today on her bill to repeal the minimum markup on prescription drugs and the ban of below-cost sales on merchandise.

“Allowing businesses to function freely while allowing consumers to purchase goods at the best possible price is commonsense,” said Vukmir. “The Unfair Sales Act lacks rational basis and is an intrusion into the private sector,” she added.

Passed more than 75 years ago, the Unfair Sales Act keeps prices unnecessarily high for consumers and businesses, mandating that merchandise may not be sold at less than cost by retailers and wholesalers. The law empowers government bureaucrats, rather than local business owners. Higher prices on prescription drugs and merchandise are harmful to Wisconsinites.

“It’s absurd that on Black Friday, or when parents are shopping for school supplies, or senior citizens are purchasing prescription drugs, that they will pay more at the checkout. I look forward to my colleagues joining me in supporting the repeal of this commonsense repeal. It is long overdue,” said Vukmir.

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