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Pewaukee, Wis. — At the Americans for Prosperity debate for the Senate Republican primary on Thursday, Leah Vukmir proved once again that voters will best be served by a senator who has helped deliver Wisconsin’s economic gains over the last eight years.

Working with Gov. Walker, Leah has voted for four straight balanced budgets, cut taxes by more than $8 billion and helped Wisconsin reach it’s all-time low unemployment rate of 2.9%. Leah’s strong record is proof that voters can count on her to cut the federal government’s outrageous spending, give power back to the states, defend the right to life and protect our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Below are some of Leah’s quotes from the debate:
“I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and I’ll do it again in Washington.”

“I have stood up to leadership. Sometimes the most difficult debates we have in Wisconsin, and across the country are within our own party. We need to have strong people to stand up and say to their leaders ‘this is what we believe.'”

On tax cuts:

“As I’ve travelled across the state of Wisconsin, people are thrilled that they have an extra $2,000 in their pockets… It’s real, significant savings. One of the things that I’m so grateful for is that we have a record of doing this in the state of Wisconsin, and we have the chance to continue doing it on the federal level… I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. And i’m going to do it again.”
On government spending:

“We’ve managed our budget at the state level. The federal government just can’t seem to do it… What we need to do: we have to find ways to cut waste and we have to find ways to look at our discretionary spending.”

On immigration:

“We must first build the wall. There can be no discussion about imm reform until we first talk about the wall…. We are a nation of laws, and we must first build that wall before we have any discussion about comprehensive immigration reform. We have to have that wall, because not only is it a flow of illegal immigrants, but a flow of drug trafficking and human trafficking.”
On free speech:

“It’s the first amendment because our founders thought it the most important… This is the most important amendment of them all, and we need to protect it every step of the way.”

Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative with a proven record who has stood with Gov. Walker in cutting taxes and implementing bold reforms. She is running for the U.S. Senate to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington. She currently serves as a state senator from Brookfield.

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