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Local Issues, Government Efficiency and Law Enforcement Highlighted

MADISON – This afternoon, Governor Walker signed 4 bills authored by Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) into law. The new laws protect taxpayers, helps law enforcement officers, and provide funding to conservation efforts in western Racine and Kenosha counties.

“Many of these bills were brought to me by local voters and all passed unanimously,” said Wanggaard. “It goes to show that good ideas come from everywhere, and most everyone is interested in government efficiency, conservation, and helping law enforcement.”

The four Wanggaard-authored bills signed by Governor Walker today were:

• Assembly Bill 601 – Saves the Department of Corrections money by allowing GPS monitoring contracts to be up to 7 years in length rather than the current 3-year length. This change will save the Department of Corrections tens of thousands of dollars annually.
• Assembly Bill 678 – Requires drivers obey instructions from and yield to unmarked police vehicles, if the driver should have known the unmarked vehicle is operated by a law enforcement officer.
• Assembly Bill 911 – Provides $100,000 funding to the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission. The Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission provides volunteer conservation and preservation efforts in the 3 counties and 14 communities in the Fox River watershed.
• Assembly Bill 952 – Extends TIF Districts #1 and #4 in the village of Caledonia, for a period of 30 years. The extension of these TIF districts will help the Caledonia offset its water infrastructure costs related to the Foxconn project.

“This was a very productive session in Madison,” added Wanggaard. “I kept my focus on the issues important to voters. Whether it was fighting for the crime victims and targeting Internet predators, making government more efficient, or creating a climate for job and economic growth in Wisconsin, I’m proud of the work we accomplished.”

With today’s bill signings, 21 Wanggaard-authored bills were signed into law this session. In addition, Wanggaard was heavily involved in many other bills, including Foxconn and juvenile justice reform.

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