Senate Dems this afternoon voted to keep their current leadership team in place after losing one seat in the chamber this week.

The vote, which came after two hours of closed caucus discussions, means Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, of La Crosse, keeps her post as head of the caucus. Meanwhile, Sen. Janet Bewley, of Ashland, will remain assistant minority leader; Sen. Mark Miller, of Monona, will continue on as caucus chair; and Sen. Janis Ringhand, of Evansville, will remain caucus vice-chair.

Shilling prior to the vote highlighted Dems’ successes statewide with U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s re-election, Tony Evers’ victory over Gov. Scott Walker and wins from Dem AG Josh Kaul and state treasurer contender Sarah Godlewski.

She didn’t mention longtime Dem Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

But she did tout the caucus’ commitment “to our Democratic principles and our core values.”

“With fair maps and a level playing field, I’m confident we will overcome the challenges we have faced and we will successfully build a Senate Democratic majority,” she said.

Shilling noted Evers’ victory means Dems “have an ally in the East Wing,” a change that Shilling said “changes the dynamics more than I can get my mind around right now.”

“We have navigated uncertain waters before,” she said. “We have come together and we are stronger when we remain united, when we remain committed to the cause.”

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