It’s High Noon For Tammy Baldwin To Do Her Job

On Friday night, Tammy Baldwin joined liberal party boss Chuck Schumer in shutting down the federal government. This hurts Wisconsin’s seniors, children and military personnel – and Tammy Baldin knows it.

According to the Department of Labor, there are 29,183 federal employees residing in Wisconsin along with 968 active military personnel, and untold numbers of federal contractors and other business owners impacted by the Schumer/Baldwin Shutdown.

When the Senate votes later today to re-open the government, will Baldwin continue supporting Schumer’s reckless theatrics?  Or will Baldwin come to her senses?

“Tammy Baldwin voted to shut down the federal government over a noncontroversial budget because Chuck Schumer ordered her to. High Noonis time for Baldwin to knock off the theatrics and do the job the people of Wisconsin elected her to do.” -SLF Spokesman Chris Pack

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