As members of our Armed Forces stand watch all around the world, each of us can
enjoy our freedom and liberty. Let us be thankful for the men and women of our
United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy who make it
possible for America to be free. Many heroes wear the uniform of our American
military and a grateful nation thanks you for your service. Sometimes in life, the
things we take for granted are the things that matter the most. It is at this
auspicious time of year that we should pause and reflect on the true meaning of the

As many of us will be preparing to sit down at the dinner table and share fond
memories with our family, friends and loved ones, there are those in our country
who are less fortunate. For as much as America is a great nation, our country can
be an even greater nation when we ensure that everyone in our country can enjoy
the basic necessities that we hold so dearly. So, as you carve the Thanksgiving Day
turkey or have another slice of grandma’s favorite apple pie, take a moment and
reflect upon what each of us have done and are doing to make our country a better
nation. And, by doing so, making each of us better!

Law enforcement officers go above and beyond to make contributions to our nation.
Day in, day out they stand as beacons in our communities watching over the
underserved and underprivileged. They also unite with the community to address
problems like child abuse, human trafficking and homelessness that plague our
nation. This is what makes law enforcement a noble profession.

Being a member of the law enforcement family carries with it an awesome
responsibility. Law enforcement officers swear an oath to serve and protect. Our
communities depend on us to adhere to the high standards that have been set
before us. It is with this knowledge that I am reentering our profession at a time
when it so desperately needs new leadership. I am grateful to all who make
contributions and sacrifices to make Milwaukee County strong and safe. It would
not be possible for our community to be a beacon on a hill if it were not for the pride
and professionalism that each of you demonstrate. With that said, “I Salute” you for
recognizing the rich traditions that have been passed down to us and for continuing
the rich history to be passed down to future generations.

My best to each of you and your family throughout the holiday season. May God
Bless Us All!

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