Tom Sieber
C 920.680.6366

(Green Bay)—Democratic challenger Tom Sieber has out raised the incumbent for the third consecutive fundraising period and is essentially tied for cash on hand. In the latest report, Sieber out raised the incumbent $17,500 to $6050. The excellent August wipes out the early $25,000 cash on hand advantage of the incumbent.

“The people of the 88th Assembly District are clear in their priorities. They want someone that will work hard for the district and put the priorities of the local communities before those of the Madison special interests,” said Sieber. “We will continue over the next six weeks to talk about funding our education system, lowering healthcare costs while providing more access to care and finally developing a plan to fix our crumbling infrastructure.”

Tom Sieber is running for State Assembly District #88 which is in Brown County and includes the far-east side of Green Bay, Bellevue, East De Pere, Ledgeview and Glenmore. He is a four term Brown County Board Supervisor, lifelong Brown County resident, small business owner and married father of three.

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