Citizens For Sieber
Contact: Tom Sieber (920) 680-6366

Democratic challenger Tom Sieber raised over $14,000 in the month of July which is normally a slow month for fundraising. Despite starting to raise money in mid-April of this year, Year To Date fundraising totals for Sieber are now over $50,000 which is almost $2,000 more than the incumbent has raised the entire year. For the reporting period covering July 1st- July 30th, Sieber out raised the incumbent $14,448 to $3,210.

Sieber attributed the second consecutive strong fundraising period to a desire for change. “If I’m not making phone calls, I’m knocking doors. No matter where I’m talking to voters, they want change. They realize the politicians in Madison are no longer concerned about their interests”, said Sieber. “They have had enough of pay to play politics and if Madison can’t be reformed, they want more decision making power in their local communities. The voters are talking about the decline of our schools, our lack of healthcare and the general lack of will to stand up to powerful interest groups.”

Tom Sieber is running for State Assembly District #88 which is in Brown County and includes the far-east side of Green Bay, Bellevue, East De Pere, Ledgeview and Glenmore. He is a four term Brown County Board Supervisor, lifelong Brown County resident, small business owner and married father of three.

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