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31 Year Veteran Milwaukee Public School Teacher Will Take Her Classroom Experience to the School Board Focused on Solutions

MILWAUKEE: Long-time Neeskara Elementary public school educator Erika Siemsen today filed to run for the District 2 seat on the MPS Board of School Directors.

Siemsen attended Neeskara public school as a child and has taught hundreds of children at the school for 31 years.

 Erika’s father and brother were also MPS teachers. Her daughter is a graduate of MPS so as an MPS educator and parent, Erika is uniquely qualified to lead the fight for more support for our students. She has already built a diverse coalition of supporters who have direct working relationships with Erika from within the school she worked at and throughout the community she has served.

“As a passionate supporter of Milwaukee Public Schools, I am excited to endorse Erika Siemsen for the Milwaukee Public School Board, District 2, in the April 2019 election. As the president of the Milwaukee School Board, I was impressed by Erika’s passion and professionalism, and I know that Erika will be a powerful advocate for all MPS students.

Erika has been an energetic, smart, and deeply committed teacher to the children, parents, and Neeskara School community, where she taught for over 30 years. Her passion, expertise, and commitment to her community will serve us all well when she is elected to the MPS Board.  I urge you to vote for Erika Siemsen on Election Day,” saidPeter Blewett, former Milwaukee School Board President.

“Erika Siemsen was and will always be a teacher at heart. She taught phenomenally with a heart and love for the children. She learned the children and taught according to their needs.  I was fortunate enough to have her as teacher and educator for two of my children. I say teacher and educator because as she taught them, she also educated them to be the best that they could be. An educator can also learn from their students. Erika is the epitome of a teacher extraordinaire, because she also saw and met the needs of her students inside and outside the classroom. I am honored to have had her as teacher and educator for my children.  I’m proud to support Erika Siemsen for MPS School Board Director!” Judy Madison Hemphill , Neeskara elementary school parent.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Erika Siemsen for the past seven years. Erika has a genuine loving heart and experienced passion for the children of Milwaukee. Not only serving their educational needs but also modeling patience and compassion and community both inside and outside her class. District two will be well represented by Erika!”, Theresa McClendon, paraprofessional at Neeskara elementary school.

In declaring her candidacy Siemsen issued this statement:

“After 31 years serving children in the classroom, I saw the great need for us to have learning environments that are appropriately funded, staffed and supported.  Learning environments where students have the opportunity to participate in art, music and physical education and where teachers have time to teach and are supported with appropriate resources gives our children and the community at large a solid foundation for the future.

It is only by working together as a community that we can ensure the public schools our kids deserve.  I will never stop fighting for strong, vibrant public schools in our community where all children have the support they need for emotional and physical wellness and academic success, the building blocks for a bright future.”

The election for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors is April 2, 2019, with a possible primary February 19.

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