After seven years of gathering in the Capitol daily to protest Gov. Scott Walker, members of the Solidarity Singers aren’t sure what they’re going to do now that he’s been toppled by Dem Tony Evers.

The group, which was in high spirits this afternoon as members gathered in the Capitol rotunda to celebrate Evers’ win, has met daily to sing pro-union and anti-Walker folk songs since the 2011 Act 10 protests.

The around 100 protesters — some of whom held signs saying “We’re Still Here,” “Tick-Tock, Gov,” and “Singing Truth to Power” — kicked off their noon-hour setlist with “We Have Overcome,” featuring a verse of: “Walker won’t be governor today.”

Organizer Ellie Connolly, a retired Madison nurse, told before the signing kicked off that she’s not sure if the group will continue its tradition going forward, given Evers’ victory.

But she said the protesters would “probably” meet in the Capitol daily through the inauguration.

“We’re a real community now and we can’t break up, that’s sort of my thought process,” she said.