Shae Sortwell

Gibson WI — Today, candidate for the State Assembly, 2nd District, Shae Sortwell is proud to announce his endorsement by Young Americans For Liberty (YAL).

He has been chosen as one of just a few state level candidates nationwide to be part of YAL’s pilot program called “Win at the Door.”

This will activate an excited group of Liberty loving activists whose goal will be to knock on 30,000+ doors across the district before the Aug 14 primary.

“I am just blown away that YAL whose sole purpose for the last decade or so has been to promote liberty across our great country, would single me out to support and endorse among so many great candidates nationwide. Their program is amazing. They don’t spend huge dollars like some groups do. Instead, they bring the message of Liberty directly to the people by knocking on Tens of Thousands of doors. That is just fantastic.”-Shae

This program has already shown successful results in several other states this year. More information about the program can be found at

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