AshLee StrongDoug Andres

WASHINGTONHouse Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the following statement after the introduction of the Bipartisan Budget Act, critical legislation to adjust spending caps to more adequately fund our military and other priorities:

“The winners today are the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. This agreement delivers on our commitment to fully fund our national defense—no more short-term ploys and patches. Secretary Mattis will finally have the resources to rebuild a badly-depleted military, and implement his strategy to prepare for rapidly evolving threats. There will be greater certainty for the Pentagon, and for our warfighters in harm’s way. And we are breaking Democrats’ Obama-era insistence that funding for our military be tied to increases in non-defense spending. These are enormous strides for our national security.

“With this agreement, we are breaking the logjam on a number of priorities for the American people. We are providing much-needed support for communities ravaged by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Texas, and the wildfires in California. We are directing more resources to fighting the opioid epidemic, making a down payment on infrastructure spending, and fixing the backlog at the VA. We are repealing more parts of Obamacare, including the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which is charged with rationing access to Medicare.

“More budget reforms are needed, which is why we are laying the groundwork for a better process. America will be safer and stronger because of this agreement, and I am urging the whole House to support it.”

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