September 6, 2018 | Speaker Ryan Press Office |

Summary: At his weekly press conference, Speaker Ryan spoke about how the growing economy has produced a job market full of opportunities, and discussed the work the House is doing to help job seekers gain the skills needed to fill the millions of available jobs.

On The Right Economic Track

“You know, I don’t know how many of you were around back at the end of the 1960s…maybe [John] Bresnahan, but…

“Is he even here?

“That’s the last time the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits was this low. Forty-nine years ago.

“This is the best job market we have had in decades.

“And here’s something else that’s very encouraging. 

“Workers in what are traditionally considered lower-wage jobs—the baristas, the bank tellers, the maintenance workers—they are seeing some of the biggest pay increases right now. And we expect this trend to continue.

“So we’re on track here.

“Tax reform is working. Families are better off. Businesses are hiring, businesses are expanding.

“Manufacturing is booming. You should have just seen the ISM index come out the other day.

“We’re finally seeing the kind of broad-based economic growth in our economy that we were gunning for.”
The Work Ahead

“Do we have more to do? We absolutely have more to do. 

“We still have millions of jobs that are unfilled.

“That story is playing out across the country, where businesses are trying to find workers with the right skills.

“This is why we just recently overhauled our career and technical education system, so that it’s easier to match people with the training that they need.

“And with the farm bill, we want to get more people from welfare to work, so that they too can get on their path of life.

“So I know there’s a lot of intrigue y’all want to ask me about. 

“But from the start, this is what we here in the House have been focused on: jobs, the economy, things that affect people in their daily lives.

“And it’s great to see these positive results from these policies—all of which you can learn more by going to

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