Summary: Speaker Ryan spoke about the situation at the border, saying the House will consider legislation tomorrow to keep families together during their legal proceedings.

Opening Statement:

“First, I want to say a few words about the situation at the border. As I said last week, we do not want children taken away from their parents. We can enforce our immigration laws without breaking families apart. The administration says it wants Congress to act, and we are.

“Tomorrow, the House will vote on legislation to keep families together. Under this bill, when people are being prosecuted for illegally crossing the border, families will remain together, under DHS custody, throughout the length of their legal proceedings. Additional funding is also going to be made available so that DHS has sufficient resources to house and care for families during this entire process. This is obviously something we discussed last night with the president at our conference, and I hope that we will be able to pass this tomorrow.

“Bottom line is this: We are going to take action to keep families together while we enforce our immigration laws.”

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