Summary: “The American people are better off now,” Speaker Ryan said today at his weekly press conference. Building on remarks he made this morning to The Economic Club of Washington, D.C, Speaker Ryan discussed the revitalized economy, improved opportunities for workers, and other ways the country is on a better path now.

Opening Statement:

“This morning, a little ways down the road, I talked about the economic resurgence that’s going on in our country right now.

“After struggling to get ahead for so long, this has been a breakthrough year for America’s workers.

“Unemployment has fallen to historic lows, job openings have reached record highs.

“After tax reform, paychecks are growing. Wages are rising. Confidence is returning.

“The American people are better off now.

“We’re building a stronger economy, and we’re also building a stronger military, as well—a military that is finally getting the resources that it needs to rebuild.

“We’re providing better pay for our service members. We’re providing better care for our veterans.

“We’re building stronger and safer communities, through:

“An historic effort to combat the opioid epidemic.

“Taking on human trafficking.

“Targeting gangs and dangerous criminals.

“Making schools safer.

“I could go on and on, but if you go to, you can see the progress that we are making.

“More work remains, of course, especially when it comes to getting people into good-paying jobs and good careers.

“That’s what our workforce development agenda is all about.

“But Americans have proven, once again, that we can achieve great things when we raise our sights, when we reapply our founding principles to the problems of the day.

“That is the story that is going on right now in America.  

“We delivered on a positive agenda, and now we are seeing positive results that are improving people’s lives. 

“The American people are better off now.

“So just go to to learn more.”

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