AshLee StrongDoug Andres
WASHINGTON—Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the following statement following President Trump’s announcement on further actions to combat opioid abuse in America:

The opioid epidemic continues to ravage our communities, and President Trump is right to continue the fight against it. This announcement comes as Congress readies a critical funding bill that will direct more resources to fight this epidemic. By expanding access to treatment and recovery efforts that have proven successful, we can empower individuals to retake control of their lives. And by investing in increased law enforcement efforts, we can empower local communities to address the problem at its root and stop the spread of these deadly drugs.

Congress has long prioritized fighting opioid abuse—and we will not rest until we see results worthy of those counting on us. Through this week’s legislation, we’ll continue to partner with the Trump administration to put an end to what very well may be the biggest public health emergency of our lifetime.”

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