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Summary: At his weekly press conference, Speaker Ryan provided an update on the situation at the border and the immigration bills the House will vote on today. He also spoke about how the growing economy is creating new opportunities and openings for workers, and why now is the right time to pass a farm bill that includes workforce development reforms.


“Today, the House will take action on legislation to address border security and our broken immigration system.

“It is consistent with the president’s four pillars for immigration reform.

“With regards to the situation at the border, I was pleased that the president took action yesterday to ensure families can remain together while we enforce our immigration laws.

“As I said previously, we do not want children taken away from their parents.”

The Strong Economy

“On the economy: Unemployment claims have now dropped four weeks running.

“America’s job market is only getting stronger. More people are being drawn off of the sidelines.

“We heard yesterday from some manufacturers what tax reform has meant for them and their coworkers.

“In essence: Tax reform has been an absolute game changer for people in this economy.

“These companies now have the confidence to make the investments and to take the risks that lead to growth.

“For workers, this has already been translating into higher pay and more paths for advancement.

“It means more American-made goods on shelves here and around the world.

“This economic resurgence—it happened just six months ago.

“In fact, the job market is so strong now that the number of job openings now exceeds the number of people looking for jobs in America.

“Think about that: There are more job openings in this country than there are people looking for work.”

Farm Bill

“So today, we are going to be voting on a farm bill that will help close the skills gap, and get more people into the workforce and onto the ladder of opportunity.

“This is a perfect time to pull people out of poverty, into the workforce, onto the ladder of opportunity.

“We see this as a great moment to get the folks who have been marginalized in this society, who have been on the sidelines, on to a life of self-sufficiency, to advancement.

“This is good for America’s workers, and it is going to help more families take part in this economic resurgence.”

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