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[Madison, WI] — The Democrat candidates running for governor in Wisconsin have shown time and again they’ll put the wishes of their far-left base before the hard-working taxpayers. With only four days until Tax Day, these candidates hold dangerous positions on taxes putting them in stark contrast with Governor Walker and Republican leaders – who have provided over $8 billion in total tax relief.
“The Democrats vying to be their party’s gubernatorial nominee are running on a platform of higher taxes on hard-working families,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Thanks to Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsinites are seeing over $8 billion in total tax relief since taking office and the elimination of the state property tax. Scott Walker is standing up for Wisconsin taxpayers.”
Democrat candidates for governor have a dangerous history with taxes
  •  In the 2012 primary for the 2nd Congressional District, Kelda Roys attacked now Congressman Mark Pocan for supporting tax credits that promote businesses relocating to Wisconsin.
  • Tax-and-spend liberal Kathleen Vinehout authored what would have been the largest tax increase in Wisconsin history.
  • Liberal trial attorney Dana Wachs attacked Governor Walker’s plan to provide a tax refund to hard-working Wisconsin families earlier this year.
  • Earlier this year at a candidate forum, extreme Madison liberal Paul Soglin vowed to raise taxes if elected governor.
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