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Outgoing gov. signals he’ll rig 2020 election, costing taxpayers millions

MADISON – Gov. Walker wasted little time in violating his own definition of decency on
Thursday, telling reporters he is open to rigging an election and limiting the powers of
his successor one day after saying it would be “the decent thing to do” to remain silent
while Governor-elect Evers transitions into his new role.

“Scott Walker has never missed an opportunity to put the fortunes of himself and his
political party above the wellbeing of Wisconsin taxpayers, so it is disappointing yet
unsurprising he is seeking to rip taxpayers off to benefit the GOP one last time,” Bowen

Walker told reporters Thursday he wants to move the date of the 2020 presidential
primary election to benefit his party’s preferred Supreme Court candidate, forcing a
third election in less than two months and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Walker
also said he is open to stripping the new governor of some of the same powers he
enjoyed as governor.

“Voters took a hard pass on the failed GOP policies of divide and conquer last week,
giving 54% of total votes to Democratic Assembly candidates. They decisively rejected
Governor Walker and embraced Tony Evers and a return to a state government that
works on behalf of Wisconsinites,” said Bowen. “But Republican leaders didn’t skip a
beat in doubling down on the self-serving politics that voters rejected.
“Scott Walker acknowledged he knows what decency is. That was a good start. Now he
should put it into practice, follow the will of the voters and leave graciously instead of
hastily changing laws for partisan gain.”

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