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“The statewide elections on November 6th highlighted the clear will of the Wisconsin people. We voted to move away from Gov. Walker’s zero-sum politics toward progressive, honest solutions to challenges facing our state. The actions of Republican legislators during the lame duck session, however, prove their continued disregard for the voices of Wisconsin voters. Instead of listening, Republican legislators undermined our representative democracy in exchange for short-term political gain.

“In short, legislative Republicans severely curtailed the authority of Governor-Elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-Elect Josh Kaul. The devil is certainly in the details, but Republicans’ repressive actions continue Governor Walker’s and their own tradition of voter suppression and blatant gerrymandering. They continue to strip the state of Wisconsin of its system of true representation.

This lame duck session was nothing more than the coalescing of power in the hands of a few who no longer possess the true backing of the Wisconsin people. Viewed through a wider lens, Republicans’ actions here mirror the same alarming trend in other states. In North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, elected Democrats are also battling similar attacks by Republican legislatures. Moreover, these attacks are evocative of repressive political trends in Europe, where several elected democracies, like Hungary, are tilting away from representation toward autocracy.

“I am sickened by the way this lame duck session has shamed our state in the eyes of the nation. Republicans have sunk to the lowest level: willfully overruling the will of the people in a desperate act of self-preservation. I am infuriated by Republicans’ orchestrated removal of the Wisconsin people from our own democratic process. I believe today marks a dark day in Wisconsin that history will judge harshly, and that sets a dangerous precedent for the road ahead.

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