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Walker, Schimel’s special interest agenda repudiated by voters

 MADISON – Early today, every Democratic state-wide candidate won election and re-election in Wisconsin, sending national shockwaves throughout the country.  Tammy Baldwin easily won her race for the U.S. Senate against ALEC darling Leah Vukmir. Tony Evers defeated Governor Scott Walker in a race that has national significance. Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Mandela Barnes made history as the first African American ever elected to that office, and the second African American ever to be elected to state-wide office. Democratic Josh Kaul defeated Brad Schimel, the most partisan Attorney General in the history of Wisconsin who is currently trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in a federal lawsuit.  Democratic state Treasurer candidate Sarah Godlewski, a key advocate for saving the state Treasurer’s office and restoring financial checks and balances to state government, easily cruised to victory, as did Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

Rep. Chris Taylor, who was also re-elected last night, issued the following statement:

“This historic election was a referendum on the failed Scott Walker regime and the outside special interests and millionaire donors that have taken over Wisconsin politics since 2011. Wisconsinites rejected the ‘divide and conquer’ tactics of the Walker administration, and instead voted for our future, for our communities, for access to healthcare, for our children and for regular working people.  The people of Wisconsin will finally get a Governor in Tony Evers who cares about them, rather than one who constantly prioritizes his own political career.  The people of Wisconsin will get a slate of state-wide public officials who are accountable and committed to making sure our government improves the lives of Wisconsinites, rather than out-of-state political donors.

But this election also showed that we desperately need election reform.  We need to pass nonpartisan redistricting legislation that Democrats have championed for years so that people are picking their policy makers, rather than politicians picking their voters.  We need to reverse the Republicans’ repeal of our state campaign finance laws, that allows more secret, dark money in our elections.  And we need to make sure every person eligible to vote can cast their ballot.  These are things we all should agree on. I look forward to working with our newly elected state-wide leaders and any legislator willing to restore and enhance Wisconsin’s clean government traditions.”

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