Contact: Senator Tim Carpenter
Thursday, December 6, 2018 (608) 266-8535
Governor Walker: What Will Your Message To Gov.-Elect Evers Be?

(MADISON) – The recent passing of President George H.W. Bush reminds us of how politics in a democracy should be. The letter President Bush left for President Bill Clinton, the man he lost to, reminds us that in a democracy, there are winners and losers. When you lose, you wish your successor well and hope they succeed.

I call on you to veto any and all bills passed during our lame-duck session that will limit the
powers of our newly elected Governor and Attorney General. The voters elected them based on what they promised to do. For you to sign legislation that would go against the will of the voters is just plain wrong.

Please also veto legislation that restricts early voting. We want more people involved in our
democracy – not less. Another lesson from President Bush: it’s been reported that the last time he was seen in public, it was in November when he left his house to go down to his polling place to early vote in the midterm elections.

Governor Walker, PLEASE do the right thing and leave Governor-elect Evers your best wishes for him, his family and the state of Wisconsin. Put civility and the wishes of Wisconsin voters first and say no to a GOP Assembly and Senate that refuse to listen to the wishes of the majority in our last election. Governor Walker, what do you want your legacy to be?

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