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MADISON- Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement after the conclusion of the Extraordinary Session of the Wisconsin State Senate:

“Many of the things the Legislature debated during the session were policy items I’ve already supported. These policies have already made it through the Legislative process and have had amble public input opportunities and thorough and careful considerations by myself and my fellow Legislators, and I’m pleased we were able to protect these policies.

“Between SB 883 and SB 886, the Legislature ensured that we will preserve waivers to establish work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients, ensure that new revenue from taxing online purchases will help to reduce our income taxes, and codify existing Department of Transportation practices with federal highway revenue. These bills do not strip powers from the incoming Governor, but instead ensure that administration doesn’t strip powers from the Legislature.

“After working into the early morning hours to ensure that the bills considered in the extraordinary session struck proper balance between the incoming Governor and the Legislative branch, I was unable to support a third proposal, SB 884. While I am confident that some of the proposed changes in this legislation will help to strike a good balance and protect the process for issuing a valid voter ID, the final bill limited early voting, made certain changes to the administrative rule process, and automatically rescinded guidance documents which allow field staff to properly manage our state programs. I believe that these changes will have unforeseen impacts on businesses, property owners, outdoorsmen and women, and voters throughout Wisconsin.

“In the upcoming legislative session, I hope to see more proposals to move Wisconsin forward, and I am committed to working with my Republican colleagues to keep Wisconsin on the right track.”

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