For Immediate Release
December 5th, 2018
Contact: 608-266-5300

Madison – State Senator Dan Feyen (R- Fond du Lac) released the following statement on
today’s extraordinary session:
“Since the release of the extraordinary session bills on Friday night, I have been working
tirelessly with my policy staff, legislative service agencies, my Senate colleagues, and leadership to understand and pare down these bills to common-sense codification and technical fixes that don’t overstep the powers granted to the legislature. I can confidently say that the votes we took today are in good faith and do not usurp the role of Governor-Elect Evers or convolute the election and voting process.

It is my ultimate responsibility as a legislator to represent my constituents. They clearly
communicated to my office their preference that the separation of powers between branches of government be retained. I do not believe the originally proposed legislation was the morally correct way to proceed; the amended legislation passed today ensures legislative intent is upheld while respecting the authority of the incoming administration.”

Senator Feyen voted today to codify existing administrative rules, to provide technical fixes to existing government programs, to codify several judicial rulings, and to codify federal waivers. These provisions simply ensure current practices continue and that Wisconsin’s statutes are in line with all federal laws and court rulings.

Finally, the Senate voted to support continued economic development measures in our state. Economic and workforce development have been the focus of Senator Feyen since taking office and he looks forward to being able to continue supporting Wisconsin’s businesses though today’s actions.

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