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Millions of tax dollars, Hundreds of jobs, and Republican credibility all on the line

MADISON, WI – Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer (D-La Crosse) released the following statement regarding Republican plans to consider additional corporate tax breaks after the November 6thelection:

“Workers in the Fox Valley and across Wisconsin have suffered as a result of Republican tax giveaways, both at the state and federal level, which have unfairly benefited large corporations and the wealthy. Having already cancelled a previously scheduled vote on the Kimberly-Clark Tax Break Bill, Senate President Roth and Majority Leader Fitzgerald are once again leaving workers in the lurch with no guarantee that a vote will ever be held on this bill. As Democrats look to protect local jobs and prevent further outsourcing, we are committed to commonsense solutions that restore tax fairness, expand worker opportunities and create a level economic playing field for all Wisconsin businesses.”

Earlier this year, Kimberly-Clark executives admitted that Republican corporate tax breaks provided them the “flexibility” to lay off thousands of workers and close multiple factories as part of a corporate “restructuring plan.” Despite forcing worker concessions and having months to schedule a vote, Senate President Roger Roth has failed to secure support among his own majority party caucus members. Several Republicans have argued against further deficit spending and one Republican Senator openly admitted that he hasn’t even bothered to look at the proposal.

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