Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765
[Madison, WI] — Randy Bryce has been arrested nine times, skipped out on paying child support (while buying twitter followers), and didn’t pay a single mother for years on a loan that he owed her. On top of that he supports extreme-liberal positions like a government takeover of health care and abolishing ICE. Bryan Steil is a manufacturer who will take Wisconsin style solutions to Washington. He’ll fight to lower health care costs, lower taxes, and cut burdensome regulations.
“Bryan Steil is a Wisconsin problem solver who will fight for hard-working families. He’s the type of reformer that would help President Trump get things done in Washington,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesperson for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Randy Bryce’s extreme liberal views are out of touch with the 1st District, and his criminal record makes him totally unfit for office. Bryce would cave to special interests instead of fight for Wisconsin.”
Read coverage of Steil’s most recent debate win over Bryce here
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