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Steil campaign: Veterans back Steil for Congress
Steil Campaign Announces Veterans for Steil Coalition

JANESVILLE, Wis. – First Congressional District candidate Bryan Steil announced today the endorsements of veterans from across Southeast Wisconsin and the formation of the “Veterans for Steil Coalition.” Fifty men and women from all branches of our nation’s military are supporting Bryan Steil for Congress.

Bryan Steil: “I am honored to have the support of veterans from across the First Congressional District. Our veterans’ bravery and sacrifice to our nation is unmatched and they deserve the best care and resources our nation can provide. In Congress, I will ensure that after leaving service, our veterans are prepared to transition to jobs in our nations workforce.”

Wisconsin Air National Guard Veteran and State Sen. Steve Nass: “I am proud to back Bryan Steil for Congress because Bryan listens to veterans. With Bryan’s background in manufacturing and education, Bryan has the experience to help veterans get high paying jobs when they return home to Southeast Wisconsin.”

Prior to announcing the coalition, Steil held roundtable meetings listening to the concerns of veterans of the First Congressional District.

Members of Veterans for Steil Coalition:
State Sen. Steve Nass, Whitewater, Air National Guard Veteran
State Rep. Ken Skowronski, Franklin, National Guard Veteran
State Rep. Thomas Weatherston, Racine, Air Force Veteran
Al Behling, Greendale, Navy Veteran
David Black, Williams Bay, Air Force Veteran
Carl A. Bogar Jr., Kenosha, Marine Corps/Army/National Guard Veteran
Roxanne Bouland, Janesville, Marine Corps Veteran
Jay Chadwick, Greendale, Navy Veteran
James Cook, Greendale, Air Force Veteran
Louis D’Alabeto, Burlington, Army Veteran
Jason Dean, LaGrange, Marine Corps Veteran
Jessica Dean, LaGrange, Marine Corps Veteran
Gene Decker, Lake Geneva, Army Veteran
Bob Dieck, Oak Creek, Army Veteran
Robert Douglas, Janesville, Navy Veteran
Fred Falk, Whitewater, Army Veteran
Chris Goebel, Elkhorn, Air Force Veteran
Jerry Goodman, Milton, Army Veteran
Daniel Guadian, Darien, Navy Veteran
Anthony Guelzow, Racine, Army Veteran
Keith Hall, Mt. Pleasant, Navy Veteran
Chad Herbert, Janesville, Army Reserve Veteran
Dave Jacobson, Janesville, Army Veteran
Craig Konopski, Elkhorn, Navy Veteran
Lester Krueger, Elkhorn, Army Veteran
Tina Langnes, Elkhorn, Army Veteran
Roger Larson, Elkhorn, Army Veteran
Ed List, Elkhorn, Air Force Veteran
Dale Martin, Greendale, Army Veteran
Anthony Masseur, Beloit, National Guard Veteran
Joe Nantz III, Muskego, Navy Veteran
Cory Newmann, LaGrange, Air Force Veteran
John Oday, Kenosha, Army Veteran
Kenneth Pakulski, Big Bend, Army Veteran
Rick Podoba, Mt. Pleasant, Air Force Veteran
Ted Preiser, Lafayette, Air Force Veteran
John Reiff, Elkhorn, Marine Corps Veteran
Joe Rezek, Delavan, Army Veteran
John Scherer, Delavan, Air Force Veteran
Dennis Schilcher, Greendale, Navy Veteran
Kenny Schmitt, Elkhorn, Marine Corps Veteran
Andy Speth, Janesville, Air Force Veteran
Rod Stemler, Kenosha, Navy Veteran
Bruce Swezey, Franklin, Air Force Veteran
Matthew Webb, Janesville, Army Veteran
Jan Whitler, Walworth, Marine Corps Veteran
Brian Wizwell, Elkhorn, Army Veteran
Leo Wratten, LaGrange, Marine Corps Veteran
Micheal Zvara, Mukwonago, Coast Guard Veteran
Wendy Zvara, Mukwonago, Army Veteran

Bryan Steil won the Republican nomination for the First Congressional District on August 14 with over 51 percent of the vote in a five-way contest. Steil is running for Congress to fight for American workers and prepare our workforce for the jobs of the future. Steil is a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and has a strong background as a business leader. For the past nine years, Steil has worked for manufacturing companies in Rock County and has learned the importance of fiscal discipline and risks of government red tape. Steil was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, where he currently lives.

Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by any branch of the U.S. military or the Department of Defense. All members listed are retired from military service.

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