FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | October 18, 2018
Media Contact: Andrew Iverson, Communications Director

JANESVILLE, Wis. – First Congressional District candidate Bryan Steil pledged to go long for education and block taxes and regulations in his football-themed TV ad released today. Steil says we “can’t afford to drop the ball” on the important issues.

“As we head into the fourth quarter of our campaign, this ad highlights my priorities for Southeast Wisconsin,” said Bryan Steil. “With my experience in the private sector and on the UW Board of Regents, I saw firsthand how Washington can limit job growth. In Congress, I’ll work to create high wage jobs, lower the cost of healthcare and prepare workers for the jobs of the future so the next generation can score.”

You can watch the ad, titled “Blocking & Tackling,” here. The ad’s transcript is below:

Bryan Steil: I’m Bryan Steil and I approve this message. Politics can be a rough game. But when things are on the line, we can’t afford to drop the ball on issues that matter. I’m Bryan Steil and my playbook of Wisconsin Style Solutions is blocking and tackling taxes and regulations and goes long for education and technical training so the next generation of workers in our communities can win again. Because at the end of the day, we’re all on team Wisconsin.

Steil’s fourth ad will appear on television, digital and social media platforms.

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