Republican Bryan Steil is touting his support for “Wisconsin-style solutions” as he plays football with kids in a new TV ad.

The 1st CD Republican opens the 30-second spot by introducing himself while a boy hikes a ball to him. The camera then pans to the faces of three boys on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage, who are each sporting Randy Bryce-esque mustaches.

Meanwhile, Steil tells viewers that “politics can be a rough game, but when things are on the line, we can’t afford to drop the ball on issues that matter.”

The ad then jumps to a shot of Steil holding a clipboard surrounded by kids, as he highlights his “playbook of Wisconsin-style solutions.”

As the ad plays footage of the kids wearing Bryce-esque mustaches going up against his team, Steil says that includes “blocking and tackling taxes and regulations.”

His plan also, he says as footage plays of him throwing a pass to a girl on his team, “goes long for education and technical training so the next generation of workers in our communities can win again.”

Steil continues narrating as the kids exchange high-five’s, saying: “Because at the end of the day, we’re all on team Wisconsin.”

The ad, the campaign’s fourth, will air on TV, digital and social media platforms.

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