GOP 1st CD candidate Bryan Steil released his first TV ad of the general election today, promising to replace “Washington-style politics with Wisconsin-style solutions.”

Steil, an attorney for a manufacturing firm, opens the spot saying he fought tuition increases while on the UW Board of Regents as the ad shows him talking with three young people at a picnic table. He adds working in manufacturing, he knows “we need a prepared workforce, better trade deals, and less red tape for the economy to thrive.”

He then closes the spot, “In Congress, I’ll take what I learned in the private sector to put American workers first, keep taxes low to keep the economy growing, and work to replace Washington-style politics with Wisconsin-style solutions.”

Steil’s campaign said the buy is $159,000 on TV with a $20,000 digital component. It will run on cable in Madison and Milwaukee along with Milwaukee broadcast TV.

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