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Cedarburg, WI – Given the lack of campaigning being done by Josh Kaul, the Democratic
nominee for Attorney General, perhaps one could conclude he’s simply busy with his day job. Republican State Senator Duey Stroebel wonders exactly what Kaul does, though.
“I know he moved back to Wisconsin to unsuccessfully sue to overturn our Voter ID law, and that he served as Hillary Clinton’s attorney, but I think the public has a right to know who his current clients are,” said Stroebel. “For example, is he working for his major donor, the California billionaire Tom Steyer, whose leftist agenda threatens to shut down Wisconsin

Steyer, who advocates for massive increases in regulations and red tape for manufacturers, has poured millions into the campaigns of radical leftwing Democratic candidates. The Californian and his wife have donated $20,000 to Kaul’s campaign. Kaul’s law firm, Perkins Coie, has amassed an infamous record of clients. They successfully fought to overturn the conviction of Osama Bin Laden’s driver, a legal “victory” that led to the terrorist’s release from Guantanamo Bay. Kaul also served as Hillary Clinton’s lawyer during the
failed Wisconsin recount in 2016.

“I find it troubling that Josh Kaul has never convicted a criminal in his life,” Stroebel said. “He’s never prosecuted a case, he’s never fought back against the criminals who perpetuate the scourge of drug abuse. He’s built his legal career by championing partisan causes.” “Wisconsinites have a very clear choice this November,” Stroebel concluded. “Brad Schimel is a career prosecutor who has fought to make our communities safer, Josh Kaul is a partisan lawyer backed by West Coast liberals. I know who cares about our communities and I’m proud to back Brad Schimel, who has a bipartisan coalition of supporters that includes 51 Republican and Democratic county sheriffs from around Wisconsin.”

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