Contact: Jordan Krieger,

Madison, WI – Today, the Tenant Resource Center Board of Directors announced the rejection of an appeal by former executive director, Brenda Konkel.

The board, in accordance with the organization’s bylaws and in dedication to the long-term interests of the Tenant Resource Center (TRC), terminated Brenda Konkel for cause on October 26, 2018. The board limited its public comments out of respect for the organization’s appeals process.

“The board did not take this decision lightly, as we recognize Brenda Konkel’s significant service to tenants and housing-insecure community members,” said Pearl Foster, president of the board. “However, we could not, in good faith, reinstate Ms. Konkel based on a review of the organization’s financial position. We came to this difficult decision with one thought in mind – our clients.”

Over the past year, TRC has:

*Jeopardized employee wages by bouncing payment to payroll company.

*Approved 25 transactions without sufficient funds at the time of approval.

*Accumulated gratuitous fees due to delayed and unpaid financial obligations.

*Failed to pay staff health insurance for extended periods of time.

The board discovered the financial circumstances after receiving a letter from a TRC staff member. The board then took investigatory actions into TRC policies, procedures, and financial records.

On November 7, the board called for a special meeting of TRC members, known as a membership meeting, to discuss current finances and the path moving forward. The meeting will take place on Monday, November 26 at 6:30 p.m.

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