Contact: Dana LaFontsee

Community Leaders Call for We Energies to Power Foxconn Facility with Clean Energy

Racine, WI – Tuesday, representatives from Greening Greater Racine, the Sierra Club,  and the Clean Power Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin delivered 621 petition signatures in favor of a massive solar array at the Foxconn facility in Racine to We Energies at its Milwaukee headquarters.

“Foxconn recently announced it would open a Smart Cities Innovation Center in downtown Racine. It is inconceivable that a Smart City would be powered by fossil fuels, particularly coal. Clearly, the cities of the future will be powered by renewable energy,” commented Tom Rutkowski, Chair of the Sierra Club Southeast Gateway Group. “For this reason, Greening Greater Racine, the Sierra Club, and the Clean Power Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin are calling on Foxconn and We Energies to work together to demonstrate a commitment to our shared future by producing the energy required by Foxconn’s new facility with on-site solar installations.”

According to the American Transmission Company, the Foxconn facility is expected to have an initial demand of 200 megawatts, six times greater than the next-largest manufacturing plant in the state. In August, news outlets reported that WEC Energy Group (the parent company of We Energies) and Foxconn were discussing a huge potential solar array for the Racine County facility. Environmental groups and community leaders were encouraged by that discussion and are urging We Energies and Foxconn to move forward on a large solar array.

David Rhoads, Director of Greening Greater Racine, stated, “I am hoping Foxconn is prepared to be a responsible citizen, indeed a leader in clean energy. For a facility this large, a solar array would be a huge asset to our community. It may impact not only Foxconn’s use of energy but encourage others to follow suit. Many groups, municipalities, and businesses are already working together to create a sustainable, green Racine. This would be a big contribution to that movement to do our part to protect our planet.”

“It’s Foxconn’s responsibility to be leading our community in green energy because they will use use so many resources compared to regular people. We hope this sets a precedent and that Foxconn and We Energies listen to the people and do the right thing for our planet,” stated Fabi Maldonado, Racine County Board Supervisor for the 2nd District.

Over the past month, petitions in favor of Foxconn solar were circulated by Greening Greater Racine, the Sierra Club, and the Clean Power Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin. The groups also pooled funds for a full-page ad in the Racine Journal Times urging a Foxconn solar array. The signatures delivered today represent a wide range of people, including elected officials and other community leaders.

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