Brad Wojciechowski


Madison — Today, a statewide group of citizens led by former Wisconsin State Treasurer, Jack Voight spoke on the importance of keeping our State Treasurer, and not amending Wisconsin’s Constitution on April 3rd.

The Committee to Save Our Fiscal Watchdog — Vote No will focus on educating Wisconsinites about the importance of the state treasurer, and the direct consequences on the villages, towns, cities, schools, and the environment will face without our fiscal steward.

Jack Voight, former Wisconsin State Treasurer, said, “As a fiscal conservative, and former State Treasurer, I understand the importance of this position, and how important an elected fiscal watchdog is to the taxpayers of this state. If we decide to amend our constitution on April 3rd, Wisconsin would become the only state in America without an elected Treasurer or equivalent fiscal watchdog — now how is that for fiscal transparency?”

The Committee to Save Our Fiscal Watchdog — Vote No is a grassroots citizen committee who is committed to educate Wisconsinites on the importance of the office of State Treasurer.

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