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Lindsay Lemmer

The National Organization for Women (NOW) proudly endorses Cathy Myers in her race for the first congressional district seat in Wisconsin. Wisconsin chapter president Lindsay Lemmer released the following statements.

“Cathy Myers has spent her career elevating the status of women, from being part of the first full class of women to attend Westminster College, to her extensive volunteer work empowering women in her community, to her work on the Janesville School Board. As the twice-elected commissioner of the Janesville School Board and as a high school teacher, she has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for the next generation of Wisconsinites. She’s led on initiatives reducing discrimination and protecting the civil rights of the youth in her community.

Wisconsin NOW sees its values reflected in Myers’ priorities, which include:

  1. Economic justice, achieved with livable wage legislation and student loan debt relief.

  2. Affordable healthcare for all, including Medicaid expansion legislation at the state level, which does not require federal action.

  3. Accessible women’s healthcare. Myers is 100% pro-choice and committed to improving access to reproductive healthcare, especially for rural communities;

  4. Championing LGBTQ+ rights, which are under attack.

  5. Fixing our broken immigration system, including protecting DACA recipients and their families.

  6. Voting rights, including restoring the Voting Rights Act, advocating for automatic voter registration and for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right of citizens to access the ballot box.

We are inspired by Cathy Myers’ campaign and excited for NOW to support her candidacy.”

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